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  • AIRRANE is a leading pioneer of innovative membrane solution technology for gas separation. From hollow fiber membrane production to the design, manufacturing and servicing of membrane modules and separation system, AIRRANE’s goal is to serve as your one-stop provider of advanced membrane technology for gas separation.


  • Biogas

  • Biogas has continued to grow as a next-generation energy source; it is a clean, renewable alternative to natural gas for......MORE
  • Nitrogen

  • Essential to a wide range of industrial processes and mechanical operations, securing a cost-efficient nitrogen gas is......MORE
  • Oxygen

  • Just as we can’t breathe without oxygen, many industrial and engineering processes require high......MORE

  • Water is essential to life, but water vapor in air can be damaging to many facilities and processes......MORE
  • Nitrogen Generation
  • Nitrogen is the most widely used gas in industries; its versatile application ranges from blanketing...
  • Power
  • Power generation requires a reliable and cost-effective solution for the control of various ...
  • Microelectronics

    Semiconductors and display panels manufacturing requires high-purity gas control...
  • Health Care & Air Quality Control

    From humidity control and oxygen generation systems at hospitals to air purifier and...