Biogas Upgrading

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Biogas Upgrading

AIRRANE for Biogas
Schematic Diagram
Biogas Upgrading Korea
Biogas has continued to grow as a next-generation energy source; it is a clean, renewable alternative to natural gas for gas grid, power generation, or even motor fuel. Usually obtained from the anaerobic digestion of organic matters at waste processing plants and landfill sites, biogas requires additional refinement to increase the concentration of methane (CH4). AIRRANE’s membrane separation technology offers a cost-effective solution with high methane recovery rate which makes biogas an efficient and affordable source of renewable energy.
Key Applications
  • Biogas Upgrading Korea

    Food Waste Processing Plant

  • Biogas Upgrading Korea

    Landfill Site

  • Biogas Upgrading Korea

    Waste Water
    Processing Plant

    • Bio methane Upgrading Technology

      Waste Management Facility
      at Brewery

    • Bio methane Upgrading Technology

      Slurry & Manure Processing
      at Farms

    • Bio methane Upgrading Technology

      Crops and Residue
      from Agricultural Production

    Why Membrane for Biogas?
    • ·Does not require frequent replacement of chemical ingredients that causes secondary waste

      ·Can operate in wide range of operational pressure

      ·Less pressure loss for biogas upgrading

      ·Simple operation and low maintenance requirements

      ·Flexible operation depending on generated gas amount

      ·Possible to install for small-scale operation

      ·Compact size only requires minimal space

      ·Easy up-scaling Why

      Bio methane Upgrading Technology
    Why Membrane for Biogas?
    Method Cryogenic PSA Membrane
    CH4 concentration 95% + 95% + 95% +
    CH4 recovery 95-98% 90-99% >95%
    Moisture Processing After Separation Before Separation Before Separation
    Secondary pollution and waste High High Low
    H2S co-removal Possible Not possible Possible
    H2O vapor co-removal Not possible Partially possible Possible
    N2 and O2 co-remova Not possible Partially possible Partially possible

    Bio methane Upgrading Technology

    AIRRANE Product Specifications
    Model Number Dimension (mm) Connection (inch) Weight
    L OD ID Feed Retentate Permeate
    MCB-4060A 1580 150 112 1" 1" 1" 17kg
    MCB-6060A 1580 200 150 1.5" 1.5" 1.5" 26kg
    MCB-6160A 1580 200 158 1.5" 1.5" 1.5" 27kg

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