Co2 Injection & Bubbler

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Co2 Injection & Bubbler

AIRRANE for CO2 Injection & Bubbler
Schematic Diagram
 Nitrogen Gas Membrane System
Semi-conductor and Display industry require significant amount of deionized water for cleaning process. Dissolved CO2 in the deionized water reduces electric resistance of the surface of wafers and display glasses, which is necessary to reduce the defect rate of the production line. Airrane provides both CO2 injection membrane module and CO2 bubbler device as well.
Key Applications
  • Biogas Upgrading Korea

    Ultrapure water for semi-conductor wafer cleaning process

  • Biogas Upgrading Korea

    Ultrapure water for display glass cleaning process

  • Biogas Upgrading Korea

    Applications for anti-static treated water required
    Processing Plant

  • Why Airrane for CO2 bubbler?
  • ·Airrane is a patent-protected membrane manufacturer

    ·Fast CO2 dissolution time

    ·Simple design reduces maintenance requirements

    ·Real time data transfer system provides user’s convenience

AIRRANE Product Specifications
Model Number Dimension (mm) Connection (inch) DI Water
L OD ID Feed Retentate CO2 In / Out
MDB-1004P 142 50 36 1/4" 1/4" 1/4" 0.2~2.0L/m
MDB-1607P 230 65 50 1/2" 1/2" 1/8" 2.0~15L/m
MDB-2108P 275 75 60 1" 1" 1/4" 15~30L/m
MDB-2510P 310 95 83 1/5" 1/5" 1/4" 10~50L/m
CO2 Injection Membrane / CO2 Bubbler
Performance Diagram

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