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Nitrogen Generation
    Nitrogen Generator System
  • Nitrogen is the most widely used gas in industries; its versatile application ranges from blanketing and inerting to explosion protection. On-Board Inert Gas Generation System (OBIGGS) protects fuel tanks on aircrafts and ships from the risk of fuel vapor explosion by replacing with nitrogen.

    · Fuel tank inerting : OBIGGS

    · Shipboard inerting (FPSO, FLNG, LNG Carrier)

    · Chemical processing

    · Iron/aluminum/copper production and metals processing

    · Tire inflation for better maintenance

  • Biogas Upgrading
  • Fermentation of biomass such as food waste, slurry and manure produces biogas. Typically, crude biogas is a mixture of about 60% methane (CH4), 40% carbon dioxide (CO2), and a small amount of trace gases such as hydrogen sulfide. The pre-treated gas goes through gas separation membrane to yield biomethane of a much higher purity (over 97%) for natural gas grid and CNG vehicle fuel.

    · Biogas (from food waste, manure, brewery, farm)

    · Landfill gas

    · Sewage slurry

  • Nitrogen Generator System
    Nitrogen Generator System
  • Power generation requires a reliable and cost-effective solution for the control of various gases. Gas membrane is a perfect answer for many of those challenges; improving fuel efficiency with oxygen-enriched air, ensuring safety through inerting and purging systems, or reducing carbon emission.

    · CO2 Capture & Storage

    · O2 generation for oxyfuel combustion

    · H2 purification for fuel cell power generation

    · Inerting system

    · Oxygen removal from steam water

Semiconductor & Display
    Nitrogen Generator System
  • Semiconductors and display panels manufacturing requires high-purity gas control. Even waste water containing IPA or SF6 can be treated with gas membrane to produce more concentrated IPA or SF6 solutions which can be recycled and generate additional revenue.

    · IPA/Hydrochloric acid purification for recycling

    · Oxygen/Carbon dioxide/Nitrogen controlling for de-ionized (DI) water

    · Anti-static treatment for ultrapure water

    · Clean room for ultra-fine dust removal

Food & Beverag
    Nitrogen Generator System
  • Long-distance transportation and prolonged shelf life requirements have made nitrogen an essential part of the food and beverage industry. AIRRANE is also working to provide solutions which control a variety of gases to revolutionize the taste of our everyday drinks.

    · Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)

    · Storage tank blanketing and water treatment

    · Controlled atmosphere transport and storage

    · Carbonation for Bag-in-Box Beer

    · Nitrogen coffee/beer

    · Sparkling wine

Health Care & Air Quality Control
    Nitrogen Generator System
  • From humidity control and oxygen generation systems at hospitals to air purifier and oxygen generator at home, an increasing demand for air quality control will be met with gas membranes.

    · Air dryer

    · Micro dust free air purifier

    · Humidity controller

    · Portable oxygen concentrator

  • Oil & Gas
  • For impurity removal from natural gas to the recovery of hydrogen in oil refinery process, gas membrane offers a cost-effective and energyefficient solutions for a wide range of applications in oil & gas industries.

  • Natural Gas

    · Nitrogen, CO2, H2S removal
    · Enhanced oil/natural gas recovery
    · Offshore nitrogen generation
  • Refinery

    · Hydrogen recovery from syngas processes
    · CO2 removal from syngas
    · Steam generation with enriched oxygen air
  • Petrochemical

    · Hydrogen purification
    · Recovery of monomer & solvent from EO, PE, PVC process

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